about us

about us

Liaoning Dabing Moving Service Co., Ltd. was founded by a veteran and approved by Shenyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau as a professional Shenyang moving company. Since its inception in 2000, we have continued to grow our strength. 17 years of moving experience, military quality, price transparency has won more praise from Shenyang citizens. With the aim of serving the people wholeheartedly, our employees strictly implement the company's various rules and regulations.
Corporate Service Convention: No tipping, no damage, no smoking, no hospitality, punctuality, light loading and unloading, civilized operation, goods in place, reasonable fees.
We have a group of young and professional staff who have undergone strict professional training and proficiency in various moving techniques, such as "packaging of goods, disassembly of furniture, lifting of pianos, hanging sofas, migration of large equipment, etc." Customer satisfaction is our eternal goal.

With the support of all walks of life, after the unremitting efforts of the staff, the soldiers have developed rapidly and have become one of the large and regular moving companies in Shenyang. We will work harder. To return to the community, new and old customers support us, welcome you to hire a soldier moving service center, for your service, price calls negotiate, welcome your inquiry.
Professional long-distance Shenyang moving
Shenyang moving service--personal moving business in Shenyang, professional disassembly wardrobe, furniture assembly and packaging
Relocation of Shenyang Office--Long-distance moving, moving factory, moving office building, unloading container, moving piano in Shenyang, professional handling cash dispenser, reasonable price!
Moving factory services--Shenyang large-sized handling, professional moving factories, moving machines, large-scale instruments, lifting, heavy equipment shifting, moving upstairs and basement moving factories, moving office buildings, heavy lifting lifting, disassembly and assembly of various air conditioners. The 24-hour LTL service is implemented in Shenyang City, and insurance consignment is implemented in other provinces.
Professional distribution: For the long-term need for delivery, receiving companies to provide fixed size trucks and porters service, the price is negotiable. Professional staff team, one-stop service principle, with intimate service, take you into a new comfortable environment. Your satisfaction is our pursuit.

Shenyang moving phone: 024-8888 3333

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