The soldiers moved to explain the reasons for choosing the day


In today's society, many people still follow the moving days of the old Huangli to move when they move. The soldiers moved to tell you why you have to choose a day to move?

There is a saying in the physiology that "Ji Di must also be a good reminder", therefore, the choice of the day is a must.

Below, let the soldiers move from the perspective of Feng Shui to explain to everyone in detail, why move to choose the day.

Detailed explanation of Feng Shui: Why do you want to move the house?

Many people know that whenever they encounter some major events in their lives, they must ask people to choose the day, which is to choose an ideal concept of ideal auspicious day. For example, building a house, moving soil, building a work, setting up a door, lifting a beam, hitting a stove, entering a house, etc., according to the previous principles, each step procedure needs to choose ajiji. For example, opening, marrying, etc., almost everyone will ask professionals to choose the day. Some people say that this is superstition and formalism.

However, there are a number of bad things that happen in life without paying attention to choosing a day. These examples are usually quite a few. Therefore, if you say that these are superstitions because of misconceptions and take care of these aspects, when the bad things happen, you will regret it. Sneer, I feel that there is no need to refute. Because the friends who say these words, their own cognitive cognition is only limited to those in the "Heaven and Earth". They have forgotten that there is still heaven and earth. Manpower is just one aspect. Can you decide everything and everything? For example, the gravitation is powerful enough, but it is not that the world has gravitation, it can solve everything. Gravity applies to this earth, but it is not omnipotent.

The same is true of feng shui. It exists in life, and it is just like gravity. It applies to life and does not mean it is omnipotent. The biggest intention of choosing a good day should be to avoid it. In layman's terms, it is to ensure peace. This is also the true thought of many friends, so, don't think about good feng shui for a good day, you can give yourself wealth immediately, but you should think about peace. Peace is there, and everything will happen naturally afterwards. If there is no peace, the back is no good. Many people think that it is a good day to make sure that you are rich and rich. But this is actually the most wrong idea. Therefore, one of the mistakes that Mr. Feng Shui often makes is to unilaterally pursue wealth from the days. The real good day, first of all, is not guilty. Because of a guilty, it is easy to have some murders and bad things happen.

The move of the soldiers to the auspicious day is a tradition that has been circulating for many years. We Chinese believe that the choice of moving days will have a major impact on a person's future career. When you move, choose a good day, you will live a healthy life in the future, and your career will progress. If you accidentally choose a bad day when you move, life and work will be plagued again and again. Occasionally, there is such a coincidence in life. When a person moves, he does not choose to move to auspicious days. As a result, his life will not be smooth, and his career will be quite rough. As a result, people's impressions have been deepened. The selection of moving days has a great impact and is sloppy.

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