The specific process and best time for the relocation ceremony of a professional moving company


1. The company's housewarming ceremony countdown table; company housewarming ceremony gift purchase, venue layout plan; venue security security plan, etc.

2. Before the company's housewarming ceremony, prepare to cover the renderings of the venue, confirm with the organizer; spray the banner/background board; print the tote;

3. Rent audio equipment; potted flowers/flowers; send invitations/gifts for purchase and distribution; arrange venues; determine banquet forms and recipes; lease of vehicles.

The precautions arranged in the professional moving company's housewarming ceremony include: the choice of the moderator, that is, the moderators must be selected according to different themes; the arrangement of the agenda: the warm opening music, first of all the attention of the participants Unprecedented concentration, easy to carry out the post agenda; program arrangement: the programming of the program must reach a degree of relaxation, combination of speed and slowness, allowing customers to integrate into a relaxed atmosphere; game activities: company leadership and game interaction between employees and customers, Instantly draw closer to each other; lottery link: create suspense, focus on assault, make the meeting to the climax; after the gift: representative and commemorative company housewarming gifts, let customers more deeply remember this extraordinary company move ceremony.

As the saying goes: "Ji Zhai also has a good reminder." Since ancient times, moving to watch the time, choose a Geely time to move, not only to discuss a good color, figure auspicious, but also bring good luck to people in the house To protect peace. What time is the office moving? What time is best for the office to move? How to choose a Geely moving time?

In general, there are many ways to choose a moving time. From ancient times to the present, people have come up with a series of Kyrgyz time calculation methods based on various calculation methods. There are Jiang's choice of Japanese law, Dong Gong's choice of Japanese law, Qimen's choice of Japanese law, and three-in-one Japanese law. The nine-star selection method, the migration to the road yuan and the empty decoration method. These methods can help people better choose Kyrgyzstan so that people can move at the best and most auspicious time.

When choosing a good office to move, first of all, you must pay attention to the moment when you can't choose to commit a crime with the company's main life:

1. The person of Xiaomo (sub) should not choose the noon on the afternoon;

2. Xiao Niu (ugly), do not choose not to be in the future;

3. Xiaohu (寅) people, do not choose to apply for the day;

4. People of Xiao Rabbit (卯), do not choose the time of the day;

5. People of Xiao Long (Chen), do not choose the time of the day;

6. People of Xiao Snake (巳), do not choose Hairihai;

7. Shawma (noon), do not choose a child's day;

8. Xiao Yang (un) people, do not choose ugly and ugly;

9. The person of Xiao Monkey (Shen) should not choose the time of the day;

10. People of Xiaoji (酉) should not choose the time of the day;

11. People of Xiao Dog (戌), do not choose Chenchenchen;

12. People of Xiaozhu (Hai) should not choose the time of the day.

Secondly, in July of the lunar calendar, the people are forbidden to move. Therefore, when choosing the time for moving, we should avoid the lunar calendar in July.

At the same time, if you want to know more about the relocation of the Shenyang office, you have to calculate according to the birth of the company's owner and the zodiac, and then you can get the right time to move.

Nowadays, the network is very developed. If you want to check the appropriate good time, you can move the office. You can search directly on the Internet, or download some calculation software of Huangdaojiri. Enter the birth character of the company owner and you can calculate and choose the moving time. Very convenient. Of course, there are a lot of messy information on the Internet, and sometimes you need to pay attention to the screening, and the time it gives is correct.

Of course, if you feel that the network query is not reliable enough, you can also ask a professional and experienced Feng Shui master to carry out the calculation and selection of the moving time. Feng Shui Master will choose a good day and move according to the orientation of the office and the birth of the company owner, as well as your specific requirements and related information.

In any case, it is always true to choose a good day to move.

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