The soldiers move to remind you that the bed is placed after you move.


The soldiers move to remind you that after moving, you should not put your furniture at home because of the fuss, especially the bed. The following Chongqing Xiaobian Xiaobian introduces you to the following points:
A good bed setting will make people's energy better. Without enough energy, life is also very interesting. There is an outstanding development in homework and love. When you sleep on a good bed, you can bring a lucky atmosphere to your host.
If the bed is not well placed, it will bring a lot of atmosphere to the owner of the house. Naturally affects the master's homework, study, feelings, etc.
Pay attention to the following two places in the layout of the bed, which will bring you good luck;
One; the orientation of the bedside;
The bedside position of the average person sleeping is Zhengdong, Zhengxi, Zhengnan, and Zhengbei. There are many directions in this place. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the bedside should be placed in the position of self-prosperity or favorable use of the gods. fate.
Zhengdong is wood, suitable for people who need to make up wood or wood.
Zhengxi is gold, suitable for people who need to pay for gold or gold.
Zhengnan is a fire, suitable for people who need to make fire or fire.
It is water in the north and is suitable for people who need to replenish water or water.
Like everyone, do you know that you need to make up for it? It depends on the eight-character vocabulary. When you see that you are shooting with God, you will choose the corresponding position. If you shoot in the water, you will put the sleeping bed in the north, and you will make up for the innate day. The lack of it, then let yourself be lucky again and again.
Second; the bed can not be rushed, this main murderer
If the bed is guilty, the person is uneasy, easy to be nervous, and easy to make mistakes. Therefore, it is generally not possible to punch the door, but because the space of the home is not big enough now, like some small rooms have to put two beds, this will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of rushing. So the demand is solved;
1; can put a curtain on the door, this can block the outside of the suffocating, avoiding straight-through.
2; People with good conditions can add screens, so it is not only beautiful and useful, as for the screen materials, can use wood, can also be frosted glass [can not use non-matte, otherwise it will be like mirror]
3; can use other furniture or objects in the room to form a screen-like object at the door.
All of the above three methods are used to resolve the suffocating rush from the door. Make it impossible to harm the gas field.
Generally speaking, in the process of moving, Chongqing moving company will know some feng shui problems of moving, but because the current moving company does not understand comprehensively, and now many people do not pay attention to these, so the notice is not too comprehensive. However, these two points will be noticed by ordinary people.

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