Feng Shui problem to be paid attention to when relocating Shenyang office


Not only do individuals have to study feng shui when they move, but the office also needs to study feng shui when moving . The following soldiers will move to talk about the feng shui of this office relocation!
The three major feng shui problems that need to be paid attention to when relocating Shenyang office :

1. Choose an appropriate cellar environment. You can choose a location that is close to the horizon, fresh air, bright light, and no sound. In the feng shui, the "indignation" and "wangqi" are studied. In addition, the "popularity" should be emphasized. The “popularity” here is not only considering the popularity of the neighboring environment, but also the popularity of the country or region. In a sparsely populated area, it is difficult to set up a successful big business. Therefore, the orientation of the office must first select the location of the nearby mantle that is densely populated and fast in activity.
2. The office should be properly seated.
The orientation of the office is not only the prestige but also the "three-in-one". The Shenzhen Office of the Moving Department is reflected in the office construction plan, and the compass can be used to determine the position of the gossip. If you choose Jishanji to use it, the fierce mountain will be avoided. In front of the office door, do not face the stairs or the elevator door. The door is outside, and there is no such thing as a road building, a hospital or a toilet.

3. The office must have a fair internal layout.
The work table of the chairman, general manager and other ties should be placed in the “sitting mountain” area, which is less chaotic and quiet, so that it has the feeling of “sitting on the mountain and river”. It should not be placed at the gate or there are many people walking around. The walkway is so sturdy, so that not only the feng shui is not safe, but many people who are shaking in front of us will also be greatly affected by the thinking of the bosses. The work table of other more important leaders, there is no door or window after the seat, and there is no walkway. The main homework is not smooth or the job is not chaotic. The doors of the small offices avoid the rush, and the confrontation between the two sides is severe. It is recommended that financial workers and staff should choose to work in Wangcai. Unlucky suffocating position, able to lay out working equipment, such as computers, copiers, filing cabinets, etc., when there is a large fierce inside and outside the office, adopt the method to carry out the system.
There seems to be a lot of demand for office moving, and I hope that the above content will be helpful for those customers who are moving.

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