Residential feng shui related knowledge after moving


It is well known that Chinese residential feng shui has a long history. Residential feng shui is a must for many people who want to move to find new houses. When many people build or look for new homes, they will find some Feng Shui masters to look at them. Choosing a good feng shui can not only make your career smooth, but also make your family happy, home and everything. The following is a small series of Beijing moving company to share some knowledge about the introduction of Feng Shui.
In China, residential Feng Shui is considered to be the key to the family's wealth, career and family harmony. Therefore, when building a house, it is necessary to pay attention to the orientation of the house, the date of the foundation, the orientation of the door and the location of the house.
The eastward 30 degree azimuth is the directional position, and the orientation of the house is the most suitable. This orientation is the upper level of Chinese residential Feng Shui. This position is more peaceful, you can see the sunrise in the morning, warm in winter and cool in summer. Let people have a sense of comfort and ease.
The date of the next foundation should be chosen on the day of the wind and the sun. However, it is not possible to choose at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month, because there is a chicken head and a tail at the beginning and end of the month. The date is best chosen on a sunny day to avoid the hot sun and not to choose rainy days. There are wounds under the scorching sun, and rain will bring away wealth.
The professional moving company warmly reminds that the door and the door cannot face the long corridor, which is not good for the home. Because such a pattern is like a sword passing through a gate or a door, it is an ominous omen, lest the person is damaged. When the window is open outside the corridor, it will leak out the gas at home, lest the family's wealth be leaked. The door and the door cannot be directly opposite to avoid rushing. There are also gates and windows that are best placed in the light.
The location of the house is best chosen in the mountains and waters. There is water around, and then the location of the mountain ring is a good place for Feng Shui.
The feng shui of the house will affect people's daily life to varying degrees, so it is necessary to understand some residential Feng Shui.

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