Shenyang moving company shares the taboos and moving days of moving


Shenyang moving service company shares the taboo of moving

1, avoid moving at night

Moving and picking up in the morning or around noon, the yang is relatively heavy during this time, and there will be assistance in the feng shui of the new home. In the case of Yangzhai, there is enough yang, and the yang is more prosperous. However, if you move at night, the yin is extremely heavy, and bringing these yin into the new home will definitely damage the new home feng shui.

2, avoid pregnant mother moving

If a woman is pregnant, then she advocates not to move, but to move after the child is born. Because the child is sensitive to the Feng Shui gas field before it is born, and also needs the Feng Shui gas field to remain healthy, and once moved, the replacement of the Feng Shui gas field is very easy for the pregnant mother to move the tire, which is very irritating to the health of the fetus.

3, avoid white hand into the house

Since the introduction of a professional moving company is moving, it is necessary to move the things in the old house into the new house. If all of these things are moved by the moving company, and the owner does not take anything, and if they enter the new house, the fortune will be for the family. There must be a suffocating effect. Therefore, in Feng Shui, it is more difficult to enter the house.

Shenyang moving service sharing moving to choose a day

Contains content every year

1 24th Festival

Twenty-four solar terms are spring, rain, horror, vernal equinox, Qingming, Guyu, Lixia, Xiaoman, Mang, Xiazhi, Xiaoshu, Dashu, Liqiu, Shizhu, Bailu, Qiujiu, Hanlu, frost, winter, light snow, heavy snow, winter solstice, Osamu and Dahan are the ancient people's changes in the orientation of the sun on the ecliptic (the Yellow Sutra) and the evolution of the above-ground climate. The twenty-four stages will be divided into the whole year, each section is about half a month, divided into 12 months.

2 seventy two

For five days, 365 days a year (yearly) is 73, which corresponds to 24 solar terms. The rule is three (one) and one year is 72. Every moment is based on a phenological phenomenon, called "waiting." The “waiting” of the 72nd waiting should include two categories, abiotic and biological, such as “water beginning”, “spring breeze”, “hongshou see”, “ground start”, etc.; the latter have animals and plants, such as "Hongyan Comes", "Tiger Starts", "Ping Shisheng", "Bitter Vegetable Show", "Tao Shihua" and so on.

The origin of the seventy-two waiting period is very early, and it has had a certain effect on the cultivation activities. Although some phenomenology is not so precise, there are still unscientific elements in it, but it still has certain reference value for understanding the climate and its changes in the ancient North China region. It is difficult to widely apply because it is determined that the initial unit of phenology is small and the actual and regional differences in climate are large. Now the phenology of the Yellow River Basin has changed. The phenology of other regions is very different. It is necessary to continuously develop phenology and formulate a new natural calendar. Otherwise, it will not work to copy the ancient books.

3 several dragons water

   It is based on the first day of the first month of the first month (Chen is the dragon) in the first few days. For example, in the fifth day of the first month, it is called “Five Dragons Governing Water”. In the sixth day, it is called “Six Dragons Governing Water”, and so on. I heard that the more dragons, the less rainfall, the fewer dragons, the more rainfall. Since ancient times, the folks have had the saying that "the dragon does not rain."

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