After the professional moving company moved, the new home's bedroom feng shui taboo


After the professional moving company moves, the most important thing is to arrange a new home, especially to lay out the bedroom. The bedroom is the most important part of the home and the longest place to stay at home. Those who know the bedroom Feng Shui will be very clever to avoid the bedroom feng shui taboo. Only the well-prepared bedroom feng shui can make your life more smooth.
The bedroom is a resting place, and it is important to pay attention to the light in the bedroom to create a quiet and comfortable sleeping space. Remember to keep the bedroom clean and tidy, avoiding dirt and dirt. Understanding some of the bedroom feng shui taboo knowledge will certainly bring convenience to the family, career and future life. Here is a small series to share some bedroom feng shui knowledge.
1, the layout of the bed in the bedroom: the orientation of the bed not only affects sleep, but also affects the wealth. The bed should not be placed under the window; the end of the bed should not be directly opposite the bedroom door: it should not be placed against the wall on three sides.
2, the layout of the bedroom mirror: it is best not to have a mirror in the bedroom, because the mirror is a negative thing, easy to gather yin. Even if you put a mirror in the bedroom, the reflected light from the mirror can't be directed to the bed, because it can lead to insomnia. The mirror can't face the bed, nor can it face the door. It is best not to look in the mirror at night, one may see things that should not be seen because of hallucinations, psychology and other reasons. Second, the mirror is glaring, affecting people's sleep.
3, the rush of the bedroom: in the room should try to avoid the use of sharp furniture, such as the room has a lamp, it is best to use only round. Sharp furniture should avoid hedging from the bed, and secondly, it is not appropriate to put a fierce image or a sword weapon or antiques. Also don't place too many plants in the bedroom.
4, in the bedroom to avoid the beam and heavy objects. Long-term damage to life under the beam will not cause the bed to be placed under the beam, especially above the bed. Because the beam is the main source of hernia.
The last thing to emphasize is that you can't put too many appliances in your bedroom. Excessive electrical appliances in the bedroom are called "fire houses" in the wind and water, affecting health. Modern medical theory also points out that electrical radiation does damage human health. The foot is the second heart of the person. If the TV in standby mode is facing the foot of the bed, the radiation is more likely to affect the meridian operation and blood circulation of the feet.

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