When a friend moves, the gift is taboo


Tips for moving the soldiers: It is best for friends to move carefully to select some gifts to congratulate. This way, you can also enhance friendship. You can choose according to the actual situation, but pay attention to the taboos of gifts.
Everyone knows that gifts that people generally want to move can be daily necessities, food, flowers, handicrafts, etc. However, it should be noted that it is not advisable to send daily necessities to send knives, cut these sharp objects, and privacy objects such as pajamas and bathrobes. This will make them very uncomfortable, especially in a general relationship. Here is a small series to tell you about the taboos of moving gifts!
Taboo 1: Avoid sending swords, swords, scissors and other sharp weapons. Those weapons are not auspicious, and it is easy to create a dissatisfied evil and cold atmosphere for the host family, and even bring blood to the host. So don't send those sharps to others.
Taboo 2: Avoid sending the clock, because in China, “clock” and “final” are the same, and you will feel that sending “clock” is equal to sending “final”. Going to gather with friends and send the clock, making it like a memorial service, meaning implied.
Taboo 3: Avoid giving cups and the like. Because "cups" are the same as "tragedy" and "rejected." They are all unlucky meanings. It is better not to send those things when sending things. Unless the host likes the cup and he doesn't care, it can be sent.
Taboo 4: Avoid giving privacy. No matter how close you are to your host family, it is best not to send privacy items such as underwear, pajamas, and bathrobes. Even if the host does not mind, it is difficult to ensure that the rest of the host will not have other ideas. In addition to giving the owner a slap in the privacy, it will also cause unnecessary contradictions and affect family harmony .

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