• Shenyang moving service
    Shenyang moving service

    Residents moved to Shenyang to move their services. Each car was equipped with one truck driver and two moving workers. The moving workers were professionally trained and the handling process was smooth and familiar. Tips: For your safety and item safety, ple

  • Factory moving
    Factory moving

    Shenyang large-sized handling, professional large-scale equipment handling consultants, professional site surveys, comprehensive assessment, individualized relocation plan, a high-quality handling service tailored for large enterprises and institutions.

  • Boutique moving
    Boutique moving

    Professional and exquisite service, your love choice service introduces different family, design professional moving plan, meet the needs of personalized moving, let you enjoy high-end, exquisite moving experience professional team professional moving company team, all hav

  • Shenyang office relocation
    Shenyang office relocation

    Office Relocation Service We have accumulated rich experience in the relocation of Liaoning company and office relocation service, and continuously optimized the relocation plan, thus summarizing the classic “seven steps” service: 1. Understand customer needs and conduct o

  • Shenyang piano handling
    Shenyang piano handling

    Piano handling service Liaoning Dabing moving company specializes in professional handling of piano for many years, the company has strong strength, and has a high reputation and good reputation in the society! As a musical instrument, the piano is regarded a

  • Shenyang moved short distance
    Shenyang moved short distance

    Short-distance moving soldiers move to choose short-distance freight cars Note: First, truthfully tell the company the name, specifications, tonnage, loading location, unloading location, loading time, payment method of the goods to be sent. (Large pieces of

  • Shenyang Long-distance moving company
    Shenyang Long-distance moving company

    Do you need to pay special attention to moving my home appliances over long distances? Refrigerator: You must cut off the power supply 1 to 2 days before moving, completely thaw, take out the food in the refrigerator, and ventilate to ensure the inside of the

  • Home disassembly service
    Home disassembly service

    Home Demolition Liaoning Dabing Moving Company provides high-quality home disassembly and assembly services. With the improvement of life rhythm, more and more people now like convenient and fast lifestyle. A. Service flow: telephone quotation → appointment a

  • Air conditioning transfer service
    Air conditioning transfer service

    The air-conditioner transfer machine is disassembled and equipped with complete sets of tools and safety equipment. Air-conditioner transfer machine must be equipped with a safety belt to prevent accidental air-conditioning. The air-conditioner must be equipp

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