Shenyang moving service

Shenyang moving service


Residents moved to Shenyang to move their services. Each car was equipped with one truck driver and two moving workers. The moving workers were professionally trained and the handling process was smooth and familiar. Tips: For your safety and item safety, please do not help with the service.

Shenyang moving service

Shenyang moving service , each car is equipped with 1 truck driver and 2 moving workers. The moving workers are professionally trained and the handling process is smooth and familiar.

Tips: For your safety and item safety, please do not help with the service.

Many citizens don't know the process of moving. What is the process like this? Has been plagued by many citizens, Liaoning soldiers moved to let you understand the process, happy to move.

First, telephone consultation appointment:

Shenyang moving telephone special person receives customer telephone consultation, initially understands the customer's moving date, moving route, whether to provide cardboard boxes, and whether there are valuable items, such as piano, safe, etc. After telephone consultation, if the salesman is not required to come to the door, By using telephone quotation and signing a verbal agreement, companies, factories, mines, groups or individuals in Liaoning and surrounding areas need to relocate. Our company has a salesman who provides free door-to-door valuation and provides relocation suggestions, explanations and precautions.

Second, sign the relocation contract:

The relocation contract can be signed immediately after the on-site assessment.

Before moving, if customers need to provide packaging materials such as cardboard boxes and tapes, they are all provided at the cost price.

Fourth, on-site supervision:

During the handling and loading process, the supervisor and the porter shall be properly loaded during the loading process to avoid damage to the items. The items are not super high, super wide and extra long after loading.

V. Transportation packaging:

Before the relocation, our company arranges professional finishing staff (women) to pack the customer's household debris, and then the excellent workers load and unload the goods. After arriving at the new home, the finishing staff will arrange the household debris according to the customer's requirements. The price is free of 15 plastic boxes, 5 sorting bags, 2-3 mattress covers, some packaging newspapers for customers (recycling after use), and the relocation time is 8:9 in the morning or 2 or 3 in the afternoon. The packing time is 3-4 hours in advance, and the unpacking time is to be unpacked after moving to the new home, and the female worker is placed according to the customer's request.

Six, buy insurance on behalf of:

In the course of transportation, some accidents or damages will inevitably occur. In order to protect the interests of customers, we recommend that customers purchase goods insurance according to the value of the goods, and we can provide insurance services.


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