Ten methods for moving soldiers to pack


1. The soldiers move home and remind you that when you pack the box, start with the items that are not often used: (example: books, kitchen supplies, food utensils).
2. Concentrate on finishing, only one room at a time: because the items are positioned, they will not mess up the items in each room and mix them together.
3. Heavy objects and fragile goods in the carton: heavy objects such as books, fragile goods such as porcelain, loading cartons should not be too large, too heavy, not convenient to carry.
4. The item is marked on the outside of the carton: it is easy to identify. After the packing is completed, the item is clearly marked and the floor position is indicated.
5. Do not leave gaps when packing: If there is a gap in the box, the contents of the box are easier to slide, and the carton is broken, and the items are spilled on the ground, which affects the work progress.
6. When packing, remember that the contents are too full: it is easy to cause damage to the items, and it is not easy to stack the boxes, which is prone to dangerous situations.
7. Do not fold the bottom of the carton into a Tic Tactical type: it is easy to crack because it cannot withstand the weight of the item.
8. There are three methods for sealing the bottom of the carton: one-word method, cross method, and H-word method depending on the contents of the box. The moving company recommends that the H-shaped method seal the closest.
9. When placing the clothes, you can choose a larger storage compartment, fold it in half, and the clothes will not wrinkle and keep it clean.
10. If you do not use a professional moving company to provide cartons, please use the size of the fruit box as the weight; use the old carton, tear off the old tape, and reattach the new tape to make it easier to fit.
Tips for Shenyang Moving Service Company : Moving and picking up in the morning or around noon, during this time, the yang is relatively heavy, and there will be assistance in the feng shui of the new home. In the case of Yangzhai, there is enough yang, and the yang is more prosperous.

The gates and doors cannot face the long corridor, which is not good for the home. Because such a pattern is like a sword passing through a gate or a door, it is an ominous omen, lest the person is damaged. When the window is open outside the corridor, it will leak out the gas at home, lest the family's wealth be leaked. The door and the door cannot be directly opposite to avoid rushing. There are also gates and windows that are best placed in the light.

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