Professional moving company to share the rules of moving new homes


Professional moving companies share the rules for moving new homes:

1, can not enter the house by hand. On the day of moving, the first time I walked in, I must take some precious things in my hand. Holding a rice bucket, a deposit book, or a red envelope with 138 yuan (one birth), that is, when entering the new house for the first time, you can't walk in without a hand. It shows that the future of this home will be abundant and the wealth is increasing.
2. No construction will be completed after entering the house. Before you move, you can try to go to the cubicle, knock and beat, and do what you can do locally. Once you move in, try not to build the construction, and you can move things. If you want to do it again, you must choose the day.
3, the family has pregnant mothers do not move. If you have to move, you can ask your pregnant mother to return to her family for a while, and then move into a new home after moving. Pregnant mothers try not to participate in the whole process of moving.
4, the new house to "fire". The first three days before moving in, the lights in the house should be all bright, and the lights will be on the third day after three days and three nights. This is called fire. The meaning of three days and three nights is that the fire is shining, and on the other hand, the family is booming. On the one hand, the air begins to flow, and then goes on. If you are not good, please ask him to go away. "Fire" originally meant a similar ceremony for making fire on land that had not been moved before building a house. If we buy a house to build a company, we don’t know how the other party is doing "fire." So I will use the above method to do it myself.
5, to choose a good day, always must choose a good day before the afternoon, a good day, look at the day of the lunar calendar should move into the house, but also pay attention to not rush to the position, is the family members of the zodiac day. When moving, try to be in the afternoon, because it is called yang at noon, and it will be called yin in the afternoon. Try to move at the moment of yang. If you can combine artifacts
Determining the detailed time is even more powerful.
6, on the same day or after the guests. On the day of admission, if you are too busy, you can choose a day to treat. Maybe after moving to a new home, I often ask good friends to make tea, and make the family more popular.
7. You must be present in person when you move, don't just trust people to help move. If you move in person, you will know what you are, and you will not lose it.

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