Shenyang office relocation feng shui problem


Many people know that moving a house needs to follow the moving feng shui. So, what about the office? It is also needed. The relocation of the Shenyang office is also subject to the rigor of moving the feng shui, which is conducive to the development of the cause and the prosperity of the fortune.

Next, let's take a look at the big soldiers moving together, and what are the feng shui precautions for moving to the new office.

Feng Shui precautions for moving to the new office

1. Three days before entering the office (or one day before), you must use a little glutinous rice and a little coarse salt to participate in the water, sprinkle the whole room (from the inside out, that is, the last door). Note: If you have a fragrant smell, you can use the powder to sprinkle with water.

2. After the rice water is sprinkled, it will light up (24 hours light), and the lights will be bright until after moving in.

3. When entering the office, no one in the office can be inside.

4. If the offender is smashed on the same day, you cannot participate in the ceremony and enter after the ceremony.

5. After Kyrgyzstan arrived, he opened the door and shouted: "Fin Gate, the wealth gate is opened, the market is good, the gold and silver treasures are rolled in," and then the eight persimmons (prepared for use) are rolled inside. Roll in eight big oranges and roll one more yuan (one dollar of gold, how much is free, can be recycled later).

6, after each person must take their own important things or mascots into the (important things, such as: documents, seals, computers, etc., etc. (not empty hands).

7, the day of moving can not be worn too casually, how much with some gold and money on the body.

8. Make sure that you don’t have any repairs or caves before you choose the day.

9. The company moves to choose the day, only pay attention to the numerology of the top leadership of the head office. If other personnel rush to commit crimes, as long as they do not participate in the ceremony, they can enter after the ceremony.

10. Anyone who has a move to be jealous, afterwards, if you choose another day, write a red envelope bag with the words "Enter the table" or "Start a good job" and put it on the table (if you add two oranges) it is good).

11, because each individual's individual conditions are different, moving into the house can not only see Tongsheng, the day is suitable for others to move is not necessarily suitable for you to move. The choice of entering the house should take into account the orientation of the house and the numerology of the homeowner or company leader.

12, moving into the house, into the office should try to say some auspicious words, do not rush to commit others, try to be as good as possible, pray for blessing, let it be best.

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