Shenyang moving service company has a safe and worry-free way


Before and after moving, prepare for this preparation. What should I do before I move into a new house? What should the moving company pay attention to? One word is "annoying". In order to minimize the trouble, the soldiers moved to hope that the following small moves should be kept in mind.

1. In order to move into the health of your new home, it is recommended that you be environmentally friendly for one week. In the meantime, you can inform the professional moving company to come to the person to evaluate and determine the moving date. You can also choose to go to the China Moving Network to inquire about moving the auspicious day and sign a contract.

2. Ventilation is too much

It is necessary for everyone to know the air circulation before staying in a new house. But everyone should be reminded that the windows of the owners are not too big, because the weather in the winter is dry and the wind is too strong to blow into the new house. The ceiling may expand due to rapid contraction. And cause cracking.

3. Pay attention during the moving process, don't let the thief drown the fish. Because the moving people are mixed, pay attention to the good items.

4. Prepare all kinds of packaging materials as soon as possible, sort all the items, and when dismantling the lines of complex audio-visual equipment, it is best to number them on the lines and terminals.

5. When the item arrives in the new home, it is best to tell the worker where the large parts of Shenyang are placed and save your hard work.

6. Keep documents, jewellery, passbooks, and securities in a centralized manner and deposit them in a bank safe if necessary.

7. Put the water and electricity off before you check in.

Water, electricity and daily life are closely related, and hydropower detection must be in place. Especially during the Spring Festival, the workers basically went home for the New Year. If there were problems temporarily, it would be very troublesome to find someone to repair.

Water: Mainly check whether the water supply and drainage are smooth; whether the contact between the pipeline and the faucet has water seepage.

Electricity: It is recommended that the owner turn on all the electrical equipment and run for one hour. If there is high power consumption, it will trip; switch the panel several times, pay attention to whether the circuit is correct and the contact is good; don't forget to check the ground. Plug and phone, broadband network, can be used normally.

8. If there are a lot of items to be transported, please ask the moving company to send the staff to the residence for evaluation before moving. One can understand the service quality of the company, and the second is to let the company know the actual situation in advance, so as to avoid the two sides Cognition creates errors and causes unnecessary disputes over prices. The general valuation usually does not go to the new home valuation, so please try to explain the new residence status for the Shenyang Moving Service Company to understand.

9. Ask which basic service items (such as carton, loading height, packaged service, etc.) are included in the price of a professional moving company .

10. Consult with the professional moving company to find out whether to provide protective measures such as canvas, blanket and quilt.

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