Shenyang Moving Service Company explains the feng shui and precautions on the day of moving


First, choose Jijiji when entering the house

Shenyang Moving Service Company said that it would open a perpetual calendar, and then choose a suitable moving house. Isn't it a good day? The auspicious day in the perpetual calendar is summed up by the experience of the predecessors and can be used. In fact, there is no saying that the Jijiji in the perpetual calendar is wrong, but there is no better explanation for personal reasons. The choice of auspicious day depends on whether the day is in conflict with the family, which is not good for the family’s luck. Moving, choosing to move during the day will affect luck. When you choose Jiriji, you will be able to help your family's wealth and health.

Second, the necessary items to be prepared for moving into the house

If you have an ancestor or a family card, you must first go. The owner will hold the sign to enter the new home. The whole family will follow, and each person must hold money and property. When entering the house, the family led the whole family to stand in front of the church. The words of the family were: entering the new house, entering the hall, adding wealth to the family, Yunchang; Jiayunchang, son Sunwang, descendants of the generations; Dong Yunliang; The husband and wife sang with the red. After setting a good position, follow the steps below to achieve:

1. Anpiao: According to the number of the whole family, a new pillow is prepared. Each pillow contains a red envelope with 138 yuan of renminbi, which is taken from the head of “one birth”. According to the age, the pillows of each person are placed, and the seniors are placed first, and they should be lightly handled. When they put it, they say, "There is no peace of mind", remember to throw them away, and take the red envelopes for 12 days.

2, Ammi cylinder: When entering the house, the master of the house is filled with a rice tank full of rice. The cylinder surface is placed with a red paper with "normally full" and a red envelope with "168" yuan, taking it all the way. The kindness of the hair.

3. Ventilation: After the pillow rice cylinder is placed, turn on the fan and open all the windows to make the air circulate.

4, boil water: put the water of the faucet for 12 seconds, take the water to boil, meaning that the money is rolling, and then the whole family will drink immediately.

Third, the crowd avoided when entering the house

Moving into the house should not allow pregnant women to participate, so as not to violate the fetal gods. When moving, it is best not to participate in the phase, the harm, the punishment, and the others. On the day of moving into the house, it is best to banquets for more friends and family to make new homes. The more lively the family is, the more exciting the family will be, the more anger will be brought to the family, and the luck will follow.

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